5 Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Lower Back Pain: Reviews & Guide

We’ve researched a lot on lumbar cushions and make a list of 5 best lumbar support cushions for lower back pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain, these products will obviously reduce your pain and give you relax. Lumbar pain is a common encounter among many individuals nowadays. However, many of the sufferers always think about medication, instead of preventive measures. Having proper lumbar support is an important way to prevent the condition.

Lumbar support cushions are the ultimate ways to keep your back pain free. Especially, for people who sit for long, these cushions are vital requirements. Lumbar cushions assist in correcting the spine configuration and eliminate pressure. By reducing strain especially on the lower back, it corrects your sitting posture.

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Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Lower Back Pain

What is Lumbar Back Pain?

Lumbar pain is a disorder that attacks lower back. Commonly, the condition occurs as a result of a combination of factors. Some of these include poor posture, arthritis, improper lifting and fracture among others.

Treating back pain is possible through a variety of means. Some of these methods can be demanding and costly. But, cushioning your body properly is the main step. Well, it’s not every cushion that can fit to support your body. But, lumbar support pillows are excellent products.

If you sit for a long time, these cushions help your lower back from strains. They cushion your lumbar, thereby eliminating pressure built up. Moreover, with perfect body contouring, they align the spinal column. When the pillow has a soft but supportive design, it keeps the body free from the pressure.

Apart from easing your lower back pain, pillows can be ideal preventive ways. Opting for a pillow is a great step even before you experience back pain. They keep your back in correct position, hence freeing you from aches.

What Are The Types of Lumbar Cushions for Lower Back Pains?

There are several types of pillows for lower back pains.

  • Contoured pillows: These are pillows designed for providing body contouring. They can be for full back or lower back.
  • Magnetic pillows: These are great especially for people suffering from spinal conditions. They are usually compact and portable for use anywhere.

How Do Lumbar-Support Cushions Help for Lower Back Pain?

Pillows work by providing ideal support to the lower back. An ideal one usually provides body contouring to the back muscles as well as the spinal column. When the lumbar has enough support, it reduces pressure, hence easing the aches.

Apart from aligning your spine bones and discs, pillows offer a soothing effect. This means people suffering from medical conditions get proper body hugging. The same case applies to people who sit for long in offices or cars.

The pillows are also great for promoting the overall lower back health. They ensure the body has the right spinal configuration. Thus, a regular use will ensure body Stay free from backaches.

What Are The Benefits of Using Lumbar Support Pillows?

  • The pillows are efficient in easing chronic back pains: Without doubts, the cushions are great for easing chronic back pains. Offering correct body support ensures gentle pain relief. Eventually, they lead to pain
  • Safe and cost-effective than other medical procedures: A pillow is durable and this means you can use it for a long time. With proper back support, it means smooth and efficient relief. Also, they make sure you stay away from pain development.
  • Lumbar support cushions offer high versatility: The versatility is important since these cushions are ideal for multiple applications. They are useful for office workers, or travelers.

What To Look for Before Purchasing Lumbar-Support Cushions?

Just like buying any product, a lower back pillow also needs some considerations. Below are some of the factors to check.

1. Why materials are important for Lumbar Support pillow ? 

There are various cushions available and features different materials. Well, most of the cushions boast foam construction. The memory foam is ideal since it offers great body-hugging. Unlike other conventional materials, soft foam lets body enjoy great contouring. As results, the body enjoys balanced weight distribution.

Moreover, the pillow cover should be skin friendly. This enables you to enjoy great breath-ability, hence no adverse reaction. Non-breathable materials will only lead to sweaty skins leading to discomforts. Sitting in a breathable pillow will lead to a whole day comfort.

2. Must look for durability!

For a good lower back pillow, it should offer extended durability. The designing of a pillow us what determines its overalls durability. The quality of material used further dictates how long you will enjoy the services. Memory foam proves to be ideal for support and durability. Some of the cheap pillows offer support for a short time. Although they might cost less, in the long run, you will have to spend more money. Investing in a premium pillow gives you great performance and durability.

3. Resistance is another factor.

The ability of your product provides resistance is vital in treating achy backs. Offering a certain level of resistance is ideal for back treatment devices. If a pillow is too soft, your back will tend to sink. This means you will enjoy support for a moment and the pain is back.

For efficient support, a pillow with a slight resistance is superb. This will ensure constant support hence preventing muscle and spine strain. Thereby, it will ensure there is no excessive pressure on the lower back.

4.  Consider Versatility

This is an important factor and many people are aware of it. Especially, for people who spend most of the time sitting, they need a versatile pillow. In order to keep the body properly hugged, a flexible pillow is necessary. This is important since you can use it in various places. Whether in your car, office or home, there is no need to buy various cushions. A versatile one will ensure comfort everywhere.

5. You Should Test Adjustability

With a good pillow, it should be easy to adjust to fit your requirements. Therefore, strapped pillows are ideal for a customized fit. Without the ability to adjust your cushion, it can be hard to enjoy maximum comfort. It is thereby vital to check lumbar support pillow that allows great flexibility.

6. Price is most important things for you.

It’s one of the considerations that affect the quality of your product. To get a premium lower back pillow, you need to invest wisely. Some of the best pillows will cost you more but it’s wort. Thereby, you need to evaluate your budget to know the type of pillow to buy. A cushion with more features and

7.  The Important thing is breathability.

The cover materials are the one responsible for the breathability. Some materials like mesh, polyester are ideal to keep your skin dry. Consequently, they will ensure you have great relaxation when resting. Whether you have a sweaty or normal skin, a breathable cushion is recommendable.

How We Evaluated These Cushions?

The first thing we did was to use various cushions on people with back pain. We divided them into groups and provided them with the pillows. Each sat 30 minutes on each of 5 cushions. Afterward, we requested them to rate each of the lumbar cushions. We used this report to create our listing.

The other method is looking the reviews among the featuring products. We took the number of reviews rating and analyzed one with the best. With this data, we were able to come up with comprehensive information.

Another way to get reliable information was intensive web research. We researched on medical websites and their recommendations for lumbar support cushions. After going through more than 10 websites, we checked the most recommended products. Amazingly, most of our selection featured in these blogs.

5 Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Lower Back Pain 2018

1. Vremi Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

Vremi is a dedicated maker of body various products including support pillows. It ensures you benefit from ample support to keep away back pains. Well, this memory foam lower back pillow is among the best you can think of. The pillow is made of memory foam and offers great lumbar support.





  • Ideal for various seats
  • Thick foam padding
  • Safe to all skins types
  • Easily adjustable


  • Straps not adjustable
  • Too thick for some chairs

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Why Use It?

Well, if you suffer from back pain, it delivers great relief. Moreover, it works well to protect your lumbar from pain development. The design helps in maintaining your posture hence great for body everyday use.

How Does It Help To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Basically, the pillow is designed for people with chronic lumbar pains. Its design ensures it offers lumbar support by eliminating excessive pressure. With its hugging ability, the pillow distributes pressure in the lower body to ease the pain.

What Are The Benefits of Using Vremi Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow?

  • The pillow is highly versatile and compatible with various seats
  • It has great soft and hypoallergenic cover. Therefore there is no reaction with your skin.
  • Made of 100 percent memory foam, it offers perfect lower body contouring

Vremi Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow Features

a) 100 percent memory foam

One of the best features in this pillow is being pure memory foam. Unlike other cushions, it brings perfect body hugging. The foam is spine contouring to eliminate pressure built up. Besides, the foam filling delivers great lower back compression. This cushion excellently massages and support muscles and spine bones. Consequently, it greatly eliminates pain and fatigue.

b) Hypoallergenic mesh cover

Regardless how a cushion is, with an awful cover, it means discomforts. But, once you select this by Vremi, it offers all round comfort. The covers boast premium mesh construction. This ensures there is no excessive sweating even after hours relaxing. Moreover, the mesh is hypoallergenic to prevent skin from overreacting.

c) Large support platform

Besides being comfortable, the cushion has ample surface areas to fit your whole back. Measuring 13 x 12.5 x 4.25 inches, it gives your back excellent hugging. Unlike the small pillows, this holds your lumbar, hence eliminating strains and fatigue. Moreover, supporting your back beyond lumbar region enables uniform pressure distribution.

d) Adjustable straps

Fitting this pillow is outstanding in enabling high seat compatibility. It gives you the ability to fit it in the office or home chairs. Additionally, when traveling, it’s simple to strap it around your car seat. The straps fasten your pillow firm and eliminate movements.

What is the durability?

The pillow boasts a great durability of up to 3-5 years.

Final Verdict of This Product

Vremi Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow is the ultimate lumbar pain solution. The cushion is premium and high performing. It’s good for back sufferers, office people, gamers and anyone sitting for long.

2. Liliyo Smart Lumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow

Smart Lumbar Support Back cushion Pillow

For chronic pain and other lower back conditions, one needs to have the right pillow. This lumbar support pillow by Liliyo is a good consideration. Featuring professional design, and materials, it offers unmatched performance. The cushion eliminates pressure and tightness hence keeping your back safe and pain-free.


  • Therapeutic grade non-flattening foam
  • Compatible with most seats
  • Supports heavy people
  • Easy installation with patent-pending straps


  • Doesn’t fit thick gaming chairs
  • Only for lower back pains

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Why Use This Cushion?

This pillow is a perfect choice for anyone with any issued in the lower back. It is efficient in prevention and easing back pains. Thereby, you can use it to correct aback or protect lumbar from pain and pressure. With premium achy non-flattening foam and soft cover, the pillow keeps everyone safe.

How Does It Help To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

The designing of this pillow is to keep lower back free from pain. Due to that reason, it is ergonomically designed to offer firm support to aching back. Moreover, the foam is soft and contours to muscles and spine. As a result, it promotes blood circulation for excellent relaxation.

What Are The Benefits of Using Liliyo Smart Lumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow?

  • The cushion offers solid and soft back support. This improves the overall blood circulation, hence, effective relief.
  • Soft and non-flattening foam is great for providing extended lower body support. The foam is therapeutic grade meaning outstanding relief and comfort.
  • With high seat compatibility, the cushion is great for everyone. It offers perfect fitting to car seats, home gaming, and office chairs.

Liliyo Smart Lumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow Features

a) Fit for various conditions

When you want a cushion that can tackle various conditions, this is the right pick. The pillow is highly supportive and greatly durable. In fact, it is fit for use by people, who sit for long, herniated discs, and other lumbar pain problems. It works by eliminating pressure and improves the support and blood flow in the lower back.

b) 3-strap design

Mounting this pillow in any type of chair is simple. Unlike other pillows, this has a patent pending 3-strap design. The strapping system enables you to have firm placement without movements. With this system, the cushion fits well in car seats, office chairs, and wheelchairs.

c) Soft non-flattening memory foam

The materials featuring in this cushion are superb. It features non-flattening foam that conforms to your back. The foam provides great muscles and spine relaxation thus eliminating pain. Amazingly, the material has balanced softness and firmness for complete back pain treatment.

d) Immediate pain relief

Forget about the other cushions that last for days before noticing improvements. In fact, this cushion delivers back pain relief within 30 minutes. It improves the sitting posture, eliminates back pressure and other back complications. With this cushion, it delivers improved productivity.

What is Durability?

The cushion offers high durability. The premium therapeutic grade foam provides durability up to 4 years.

Final Verdict of This Product

The Liliyo Smart Lumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow offers right support and comfort. Having this cushion brings great relief and peace of mind. It’s a great pillow for everyone; whether back pain sufferer or for regular use.

3. SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion For Maximum Lumbar SupportBest lumbar support pillow for office chair

SimplePosture is a known maker of pain management products. Boasting professionally made cushions and pillows, they are ideal for various back pain. This lower back pain cushion is one of the best for lumbar pain. Whether fatigue, numbness, tension and others, the pillow is superb. It is the best lumbar support cushion for office chair.


  • Non-sliding cushion cover
  • Highly breathable 3D mesh
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Lomg lasting materials and design


  • Insufficient for large people
  • Strong odor on opening package

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/SimplePosture-Lower-Back-Pain-Cushion/dp/B00N302XUY/?tag=reclinergenie-20″ style=”flat” background=”#e6202e” color=”#ffffff” size=”12″ radius=”10″ icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ rel=”nofollow” class=”custombluebutton”]Click Here to Buy Now on Amazon[/su_button]

Why Use This Cushion?

Without doubts, you need this cushion if you have lower back pain, numbness, and others. Its compact size is great in enabling high versatility. Therefore, even when traveling, in office, or any other place, it provides ample relief. This product is very much popular lower back support pillow for office chair. If you are looking for a portable lumbar support for office chair, this item is perfect for you. It is also reputed ergonomic chair back support.

How Does It Help To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

For this pillow, it has a dedicated performance, to ease the lumbar pain. Due to the excellent construction, it keeps the back fully supported. The high cushioning from premium foam reduces the pressure that causes lumbar constrain. It fills the gap between the lower back and chair hence eliminating pressure built up. It is not only good for lower back support, but also recommended as upper back support for office chair.

What are The Benefits of Using SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion?

  • The pillow is ideal for reducing overall body pressure. This is through keeping your back in the correct posture.
  • Resting on this cushion eliminates sweaty experience. It has a great 3D mesh cover that prevents excessive sweating.
  • The firm strap system an antiskid ability is awesome in keeping the pillow in position. This gives it precise and undisturbed lumbar protection.

SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion Features

a) 3D meshed cover

The cover featuring in this cushion is amazing. It enables you to relax without your body becoming swampy. Unlike other cushions, this lets you spend hours without excessive sweating. Besides, the cushion offers anti-skid surface. It is this property that let it stick in your body without moving.

b) Maximum lumbar support

The great construction and high-quality foam padding let the body enjoy best support. Despite the foam being soft, it is firm to hug back muscles and lower back. This keeps the spine in its natural arcing hence, free from tensions and pressuring the discs. Due to this, this pillow is ideal for tightness, sore, numbness among others.

c) Adjustable Double strap

With the adjustable straps, they enable easy anchoring. You won’t experience any difficulty when fitting this cushion in various seats. Apart from easy fitting, the cushion is compact. Thereby, it’s simple to move with it from home to office and when traveling.

What Is The Durability?

Regarding the durability, the pillow is highly reliable and long-lasting. It can last for 3-5 years depending on the utilization.

Final Verdict About This Product

It is not wrong to say this pillow beats all odds to bring great comfort. With its firm structure and high breathability, it means full support.

4. Desk Jockey Lower Back Pain Lumbar Cushion

Looking for the excellent ways to kick out lower back complications? You can now relax and enjoy pillow by Desk Jockey. It’s one of the best cushions for lumbar pain today. Featuring clinical grade orthopedic foam, pain and back pressures. With this lumbar support pillow, no lower back discomforts.


  • Free from chemical smells
  • Incorporated carrying handle
  • Machine washable cover
  • Medical grade foam padding


  • A bit hard to some people
  • Slight movement

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Lower-Back-Lumbar-Support-Cushion/dp/B00OVCLBYW/?tag=reclinergenie-20″ style=”flat” background=”#e6202e” color=”#ffffff” size=”12″ radius=”10″ icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ rel=”nofollow” class=”custombluebutton”]Buy Now from Amazon[/su_button]

Why Use This Cushion?

One of the reasons that everyone will find it necessary is therapeutic foam. Unlike the conventional foams, this is super soft and firm and soft for improved comfort. Resting on this cushion is amazing. It offers real comfort without hurting your back. Additionally, due to its versatility, it brings great usability on various chairs. It is the most popular lumbar support pillow for chair.

How Does It Help To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Basically, the pillow is ideal for maintaining back safe from extreme back pains. That is why; it features clinical grade therapeutic memory foam. Molding into your body shape, it minimizes the pressure and fatigue in the lumbar region. Apart from soothing achy backs, the cushion maintains and corrects your posture. This eases the excessive lower back pressure.

What are The Benefits of Using Desk Jockey Lower Back Pain Lumbar Support Cushion?

  • This pillow provides a customized body relief. With body molding clinical foam, it means more relief than most pillows.
  • The designing of this pillow offers great comfort due to breathable cover. Easy to clean and plush materials keeps it soothing your lumbar.
  • Relaxing on this cushion offers perfect relaxation since it doesn’t flatten. This gives it an advantage over the cheap pillows.

Desk Jockey Lower Back Pain Lumbar Support Cushion Features

a) Clinical grade therapeutics foam

Forget about the cheap foam that keeps your back suffering after a while due to cheap foam. Once you decide for this cushion by Desk Jockey, it delivers outstanding cushioning. Boasting clinical grade memory foam, it delivers outstanding comfort. The foam molds into the body hence eliminating the gap between chair and body. It’s this foam that soothes back and keeps it away from abnormalities.

b) Breathable machine washable cover

Besides the plush padding, the cover is also soft and soothing. It is made of soft materials that soothe your skin. The cover is also machining washable to ease your cleaning. Consequently, even after using this pillow for hours in office, car or home, easy cleaning is a breeze.

c) Easy to carry and fit

The designing of this pillow is fantastic. It has a lightweight which enables great portability. Also, the incorporated handle is awesome in enabling comfortable carrying. Besides lightweight, this cushion delivers high chair compatibility. This combination of features is great since you can use the cushion everywhere.

d) Ingeneus designing

The designing of this pillow strictly follows therapist instructions. Due to this, it delivers great body contouring. When supporting your back, it eliminates pressure zones leaving lumbar safe. It’s an ideal companion when you need proper lumbar cushioning.

What Is The Durability?

Asking whether this pillow is durable? Then you can trust it to offer extended back support. Typically, it can last for up to 5 years depending on the usage.

Final Verdict About This Product

This cushion is a premium product and right for any back sufferer. It has medical grade qualities that leave your body perfectly hugged. Considering its qualities, the pillow is an outstanding companion.

5. RelaxBack Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

Best Lumbar support cushion for lower back pain

Suffering from back pain? You don’t need to struggle anymore with unreliable products. The best thing to do is getting this lower back cushion from RelaxBack. The pillow is outstanding in eliminating all lumbar related strains. I think that this is one of the best back support pillow for office chair.


  • Ergonomically engineered
  • Soft velour cover
  • Great price
  • Bonus e-Book and carry bag


  • Small to big people
  • Have no fitting straps

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Lumbar-Support-Pillow-Lower-Guarantee/dp/B01H7N9PZ8/?tag=reclinergenie-20″ style=”flat” background=”#e6202e” color=”#ffffff” size=”12″ radius=”10″ icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ rel=”nofollow” class=”custombluebutton”]Buy Now on Amazon[/su_button]

Why Use This Cushion?

There are many reasons why anybody with back pain needs to use this pillow. The engineering enables you to achieve great comfort regardless of your chair. Besides being ideal for lower back, its perfect for daily use. Incorporating this cushion in your chair helps in correcting the body posture.

How Does It Help To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

There are no doubts this cushion is the real solution to any kind of lower back pain. The superb engineering and premium materials ensure it soothes and eliminates all strains. Featuring non-flattening foam, it doesn’t cause muscle imbalance after a few hours. It’s body contouring thus efficient in easing lower body pressure.

What Are The Benefits of Using RelaxBack Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion?

  • The body contouring memory foam is perfect for anybody with aching lower back. The foam reliefs pressure, unlike other pillows that create hard spots.
  • The design is versatile to fit any chair. Therefore, when resting anywhere, you can use this cushion. In fact, it’s compatible with various seats.
  • With this pillow, it delivers therapeutic support for efficient body relief.

RelaxBack Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion Features

a) Premium therapeutic memory foam

The conventional foam might not be ideal for pain relieving products. It is a bit hard and can cause excessive pressure. That is why the RelaxBack uses therapeutic foam in this pillow. The material has better body-hugging which brings total lumbar support. With body contouring properties, it ensures instant pain relief.

b) Great engineering

Apart from a firm and hugging foam, the design is impressive. Designed ergonomically, it offers the body necessary support. This gives the body enough hugging and enough lumbar support. Moreover, with soft and firm foam, there are no more strains due to long sitting period.

c) Chemical odors free

Some of the lumbar pillows have awful smells from manufacturing chemicals. However, this one is safe and won’t let your nose suffer from awful smells. Excellent aeration after manufacturing ensures the pillows are odor free.

d) Soft removable velour cover

The cover is soft and will keep your body feeling great. Made of velour, it feels plush to your skin. Moreover, it’s easy to remove and machine washable. This allows you to keep your pillow clean and fresh throughout.

What Is The Durability?

The constructions of this pillow enjoy non-flattening and plush memory foam. Its durability is about 3 years.

Final Verdict About This Product

RelaxBack Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion brings a new dawn to your back health. Perfectly crafted for lumbar support, there is no doubt everyone will love it.


Lumbar pain can be disturbing to treat if you don’t correct your posture. Looking for the best pillow to support your lower back is an ultimate solution. It will gradually ease your suffering and enable you to regain a smiling face. Therefore, don’t let poor posture, medical condition ruins your back. With best lumbar support cushions for lower back, you will enjoy a smooth life.

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