The Best Type Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Learn the best type of massage for lower back pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain, you need some massages that relieve your back pain. Read this article to know the few effective types of massage for back pain relief.

Do you know that about 80 percent of adults in the world experience lower back pain? The spread has made it become one of the leading problems across the globe. Many people spend a lot of time sitting either on a bus, office chair, or private car. The long hours in a seated position tend to bring compression on the lower part of the spine.

Some people think that lower back pain is common because you’ve spent most of your time seated in your daily chores. You should be aware that such nagging pain can within no time turn into a chronic problem. If the usual stretching doesn’t help, then you need to look for a way out. In this post, you’ll learn what causes lower back pain, the best massage you should try to alleviate the pain and the benefits of massage.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Some people will experience lower back pain due to different causes. The causes may be temporally or chronic. For instance, one may spend time in the yard preparing for the planting season or carry heavy loads using the back. Such conditions may lead to temporary lower back pain. On top of injuries, other risk factors will make one experience low back pain. Some of these risk factors include depression, pregnancy, anxiety, weight gain, old age, among many others.

Most people experience acute lower back pain that lasts for few days or at times few weeks. Therefore, if one experiences the pain for an extended period, he/she has chronic lower back pain. The condition causes a lot of discomfort to the victim, and at times it may worsen the state of the aged people. How do we lessen the number of people suffering from lower back pain?

Best Type Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

The Study shows that massage is one of the most effective processes for reducing lower back pain. Massage is typically a long-term process that requires patience and consistency for those with chronic conditions.

So, repeated and thorough massages from an expert can set a commendable improvement on the problem. It can take few months to realize. More specific, one study found that ten weekly massages improve 75 percent of the lower back pain patients. So, what type of massage is best for lower back pain? Find the answer here.

1. Shiatsu

It’s one of the best types of Massage that can help you to relieve your lower back pain. The method uses the thumbs to manipulate the flow of energy in the body. It helps to prevent conditions like lower back pain or shoulder pain.

How does it work?

Shiatsu manipulates the energy of the body by regulating its flow within a person. Different people and different areas of the body have different needs. For example, your lower back may ache and feel soft to the touch while your shoulders may feel tense and hard to the touch. The shiatsu therapist will treat the shoulders with a firm fairly quick pressure. Also, He/she will use a gentle, slower pressure on the lower back. The difference in the duration and depth of pressure applied will change the way the energy flows. It helps to rebalance the body and leaves the client feeling healthier with less pain and stress.

2. Acupressure

You can also consider acupressure on your lower back to relieve the pain. It involves prolonged pressing of specific points on the body with fingers, knuckles or palms of the hand. Sometimes you can use the elbows or feet to relieve pain, reduce stress and promote a person’s good health.

How does it work?

Acupressure works by helping to release the blocked energy in a person’s body. It’s possible by stimulation of specific points (acupoints) along the body’s energy channels. By pressing firmly and steadily on the correct acupoints is important in this Massage. It helps to enhance the flow of energy to your lower back and therefore, heals the condition fast.

3. Neuromuscular Massage

Another lower back pain reliever is Neuromuscular Massage. It’s a soft tissue Massage technique. It aims to balance the musculoskeletal system with the central nervous system (CNS) against any disorder that brings any imbalance between the two. It speeds up the lower back healing process and enhances the function of muscles and joints by releasing endorphins.

How does it work?

It was developed after a study of the interaction between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. When the relationship of the two isn’t in the homeostatic state, chronic myofascial pain can occur. Neuromuscular Massage aims to restore the homeostatic between these systems.

It involves the use of static pressure on the lower back or any other specific area and it isn’t a whole body Massage. By applying pressure to the specific part for several minutes, it will help to dispel the lactic acid at that point. It helps to increase the blood flow and relax the muscle. With repeated applying of pressure, it helps to neutralize the muscle pain and soreness.

4. Swedish Massage

It’s another popular lower back pain reliever. It works by applying gentle force to the required area. It uses pressure on the affected body part to promote relaxation which results in a quick release in the muscle tension. This massage is a wonderful and effective therapeutic modality.

Look for a Massage expert to perform this therapy. If you are new to this massage technique, here is a brief description of how it works.

How is it Done?

The therapist will ask you about any existing physical injuries before he/she Massages you. It’s to prevent any damage while operating. Furthermore, he will take special precaution in the damaged area to avoid any issues. Then, this expert will assist you in this healing process.

Swedish massage therapy uses several essential oils by applying on the body to soothe out the tension built in the muscles. The therapist uses smooth healing touch over your body to give you a relaxed feeling. The best part is that you can ask to increase or decrease the pressure depending on your level of comfort.

While beginning the session, there are options to choose between a gentle and more intensive pressured massage. Oil helps to boost the relaxation effect that enhances a faster recovery.

Benefits of Body Massage

Lower back pain can be dangerous if you don’t use the right method to overcome the situation. Taking the right Massage is essential in this case, and there are many benefits of Massage. Here is a list of the few benefits.

1. Improved blood circulation

Improvement of blood circulation means that oxygen in the blood is well circulated. It helps to remove toxins from the body. Without a good flow of oxygen into the body, a person becomes prone to pain such as headaches and also muscle tension.

2. Improve skin tone and skin health

You either use oils and creams during the body massage sessions, right? For instance, the eucalyptus oils and other herbal oils which contain vitamin E supplement. These oils help to rejuvenate the skin. It’s because the oils help to revitalize the skin cells.

3. Peace of mind

Everyone needs peace of mind at some point in their lives. Having peace of mind makes a person feel good naturally. You can make important decisions when you are at peace and in total serenity. It helps to open your mind to some things like increased awareness, creativity and development plans.

4. Lower stress levels

Reducing stress levels at whatever costs is essential. It’s because the health conditions likely to arise as a result of stress are very severe. Going through body massage sessions will help reduce stress levels, and this is an effective way of managing stress.

It helps in improving the lifestyle and wellbeing of many people. You should do a lot of research on some of the best places to visit. It will help to receive this pleasurable experience that is available to all.

What You Should Know Before You Begin Your Massage

Now that you know the best Massage for your lower back pain, I’m sure you will try any of them. Know that there are many things you should do to prepare your muscles before visiting a therapist. Such a thing will help in making your Massage effective and enjoyable.

1. Relax

Ensure you’re relaxed. You can take a shower, change into comfortable clothes, or use a heated pad to loosen your muscle.

2. Stretch

You can stretch the area which causes the pain. There are many stretching techniques you can apply here. If it’s lower back pain, look for a stretch for that pain. Also, look for the one that makes you comfortable.

3. Breathe

Deep, controlled breathing is advisable before any Massage. You need not fear when the therapist works on you. It’s important to breath is as it helps to supply oxygenated blood throughout the body. It may help relieve chronic pain.

4. Take a lot of water

It’s important to hydrate your body before any session. Water helps to relax your muscle. Also, it will help neutralize the toxin in the muscle. Therefore, water allows the kidney to eliminate waste products. It can help if you have lower back pain.

5. Warm pre-massage shower

If you want the best results, it’s advisable to have a warm pre-Massage. It helps to relieve the tension and loosen muscle during Massage.

6. Avoid eating before your Massage

Eating big meals before your Massage can ruin your Massage experience. It makes you uneasy due to digestion, therefore, if you want to enjoy Massage, take a light meal 2 hours before. Other things to know include; Be on time. Request for more or less pressure, Don’t use perfume, etc.


Massage therapy is a safe and effective method to ease the pain. You need to be careful and know more about your therapist. Ask questions, ask for a license, and know more about his/her experience. If you have a skin condition, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before trying any Massage. If you have a fever, heart condition or brittle bones then, massage treatment will not work for you. Look for a massage therapist today and say goodbye to your lower back pain.

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